Our Crew

Crew Philosophy

The crew at C Marine AB has expertise knowledge gained from theoretical background, long experience from the shipbuilding industry and international cooperation.

We strive to understand our client’s need by applying a holistic view of the projects and building long term relationships.

Within our area of expertise, we offer a higher level of knowledge and quality to ship owners, shipyards and other consultancy agencies and always have our clients in focus.

Fredrik Åkerman

Msc. Naval Architect
Managing Director and Part-Owner

+46 457 46 26 21

Johan Edvardsson

Msc. Naval Architect
Part Owner

+46 457 46 26 22

Graduate thesis policy

We gladly help students to start off their career. Whenever you are ready, contact us and we will try to set up a graduate thesis work that connects to our work and is of mutual benefit.


There are times when two are too few. It might be due to the amount of work or simply that someone else is better in a specific area. For that purpose C Marine AB has, since the very first start, developed a strong network of independent naval architects and engineers, each with their own special skill.

In 2016, C Marine AB was one of the founders of REDARSERVICE.SE, a network of naval architects with focus on assisting ship owners operating workboats, fishing vessels and passenger vessels.

To strengthen our networks, we are always interested in new connections. If you feel that you have skills or competences that are unique and that may contribute to our work, you are always welcome to contact us.